Dress Code

Our dress code is a part of our Catholic school heritage. It sets us apart from all other students. When we arrive at school in the morning we should be ready to face the challenges of the day; our shirts should be tucked in and the rest of our clothing should be clean and appropriate. As parents it is your responsibility to make sure your children are in "dress code" when they leave the house in the morning. Our dress code applies to all students, kindergarten through eighth grade.

Teachers and Principal will have the final say on the appropriateness of apparel for school. Students who are determined to be "out of dress code" will be disciplined and parents will be notified. Frequent violations may result in further disciplinary action.

Parental help and support is essential; please read the dress code carefully and be sure that all purchased items follow the requirements! Thank you for your help.

Slacks/Pants: Traditional cotton twill dress slacks (i.e. Docker style), full length to the ankle, and worn at the waist. Corduroy pants and elastic waists are also acceptable. Colors must be solid navy, black or tan. All slacks/pants must have a hem and clear the floor. Cargo pants are acceptable in dress code colors.
Not acceptable: Jeans (including black, blue, white, and tan), sweat pants, knit pants, running pants, pants with excessive (metal) decoration or pockets, bib overalls.

Shorts / Skorts / Capri's: Dress Cotton twill walking shorts and skorts no shorter than 4" above the knee may be worn before October 1st and after April 30th each year. Color must be solid navy, black or tan. Cargo style shorts are acceptable.
Not acceptable: Shorts that become excessively short when student is moving or sitting, cut-offs, jean shorts, sport shorts, knit or nylon shorts.

Blouse / Shirts: ONLY long or short sleeve SOLID colored dress shirts, blouses or golf / polo shirts will be allowed and must have a fold over collar. Golf / polo shirts (even with the small alligator / fox type logo) and turtlenecks are also acceptable. All blouses and shirts must be tucked in and long enough to remain tucked in throughout normal school activities. All blouses and shirts will be buttoned up with the exception of the top button at all time.
Not acceptable: Shirts with prints, plaids or stripes. Hawaiian style (with pictures and/or designs), v-neck shirts without buttons, sleeveless shirts and/or tank tops, "cap" sleeves, sheer material of any kind, shirts that are tightly fitted, and shirts that are too short to remain tucked in.

Skirts / Dresses: All skirts, dresses, and jumpers must be solid color, in navy, black, or tan, and should be no shorter than 4" above the knee. Dresses must have a sleeve and modest and appropriate neckline. Jumpers must have a dress code shirt underneath, and all skirts must be accompanied by a dress code shirt. Girls are asked to avoid wearing skirts and dresses on P.E. days and on very cold winter days.
Not acceptable: Jean skirts or jean dresses, skirts or dresses that become short when student moves or is seated; tightly fitted dresses or skirts; sheet fabric of any kind; Plaids, stripes and printed items with pictures or designs of characters.

Sweaters / Vests: All sweaters and sleeveless vests must be worn over an appropriate dress code shirt or blouse, with a fold over collar. Cardigan sweaters with hoods will now be allowed, but not sweatshirts or fleece with or without hoods. Monogrammed Holy Rosary blue or gray sweatshirts may be worn with a dress code shirt underneath. Hooded sweatshirts may not be worn in the building after second bell (this includes the cafeteria), or before dismissal bell.
Not acceptable: Sweatshirts (other than Holy Rosary sweatshirts), fleece, excessively large, baggy, or tight sweaters or vests.

Socks / Stockings: Socks, nylons or tights must be worn at all times. All socks must be visible above the shoe. This includes dress up days, jean days, and field trip days.

Shoes: Dress shoes with low heels or athletic shoes. Tennis shoes are recommended every day and required on P.E. days.
Not acceptable: Sandals, Crocs, clogs, flip-flops, etc of any kind. All heels and toes must be covered by the shoes worn.

Jewelry / Makeup: Jewelry must be small and appropriate for school. Earrings should fit on the earlobe. No makeup at all is recommended; however, makeup should be applied sparingly at home if it is used.
Not acceptable: Hoop earrings, dangling earrings, make-up brought to school, make-up that is very noticeable and / or overdone or colored nail polish.

Miscellaneous: Hats and scarves are not acceptable in the classroom. Occasionally we will celebrate an "out-of-dress-code day," such as pajama day, hat day, etc. Clothing that is normally not in dress code may be worn on those days, according to the guidelines of the day.

Jean Day Apparel: T-shirts are acceptable on designated jean days. Students may wear jeans, and girls may also wear jean skirts or jean dresses. However, all other dress code rules still apply: no sandals, heavy jewelry, hats, etc.

Tattoos and Body Piercing: Body piercing other that ears is prohibited. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. Tattoos (including washable ones) are not allowed.

Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleaders and those participating in sports will be permitted to wear their uniforms to school on the day of a game. Uniform shirts that are sleeveless must be worn with a collared shirt underneath. Students in scouts will be permitted to wear their uniforms on the day of their meetings.

Questions? Please call school and ask!