Holy Rosary Aleteia October 17, 2020

St. Theresa of Avila is known as a master of prayer. Here are 11 tips taken from her writings to make of your own life a life in union with God.

  1. Offer all of your activities to God, asking that they be for his honor and glory.
  2. Offer yourself to God 50 times a day, with fervor and desire for him.
  3. Recognize God’s providence and wisdom in all things, and praise him.
  4. In times of sadness or anxiety, do not abandon your work or your prayer, nor your acts of penance. Instead, intensify them and you will see that soon, the Lord will sustain you.
  5. Never speak badly of anyone, nor listen to others speaking badly of someone, unless it is about yourself.
  6. Never mention something about yourself to get admiration – not your knowledge, your virtues, your place of birth – unless it is in order to be of service. And if it is to be of service, then let it be with humility, recognizing that these gifts come from the hands of God.
  7. Do not see yourself as anything other than the servant of all, and in everyone, contemplate Jesus, Our Lord. Thus, you will respect and venerate him.
  8. Do not show curiosity about things that don’t concern you, neither with commentaries nor questions – not matters near by, nor far away.
  9. Let others see your devotion to God only in cases of urgent necessity.
  10. Do everything as if Jesus were visible. Your soul will gain much if you behave this way.
  11. May your desire be to see God, and your fear be to lose him. May your sorrow be failing to take pleasure in him. May your satisfaction be whatever leads you to him. And you will live in great peace.

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