Holy Rosary Aleteia May 5, 2020

The first few moments of the day, especially during the sunrise, can be a profound time of prayer. It is much easier to meditate on the light of Christ and how his love and driven out the darkness of sin.

As you begin the day, try reflecting on the warmth of God’s light washing over you. Here is a prayer to assist you in this reflection, taken from the 19th-century book Mary venerated in all ages, devotions from ancient sources.

Lord Jesus, Who are the true Sun of the world, Sun, ever rising and never setting; You, Who with your life-giving beams does produce, nourish, and gladden all things in heaven and earth; O let your light arise upon me who now lift up my prayer to you, and grant that this brightness may drive far away from me the clouds of error and the night of sin.

May I take this fair light for my inward guide, and accomplish all the journey of my life without offending you; may I walk therein unceasingly, as in the full light of day, pure and radiant, free from all the works of darkness. Amen.

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