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Happy Feast Day
Saint Polycarp
Feast day: February 23 (New), January 26 (Trad)
Patronage: earaches, dysentery
Saint Polycarp was a disciple of St. John the Apostle and considered one of the three chief Apostolic Fathers of the Church. As Bishop of Smyrna (Turkey), he protected the Catholic Church against the influences of heresies that Jesus was fully human and He was incarnate. His miraculous martyrdom was recorded by Irenaeus. The Romans tried to burn him alive but the flames arched around his glowing body instead, then they stabbed him, in which his blood put out the fire. Before he died of the stab wounds he said, ”I bless you Father for judging me worthy of this hour, so that in the company of the martyrs I may share the cup of Christ.”

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