Holy Rosary Aleteia August 9, 2020

Most of us do not think of Heaven on a daily basis. The cares of this world constantly compete for our attention, and often Heaven is the last thing we ever think about.

Yet, Heaven is supposed to be our goal in life, and we are called to do all that we can in this world to reach the Eternal Shores of beatitude.

Here are a few short prayers we can memorize and say throughout the day, taken from the early 20th-century My Prayer Book.

My God, when shall I behold your infinite beauty when shall I behold you face to face?

In paradise I shall love you, and you will love me for all eternity, my God and my All!

My Jesus, when shall I behold you and kiss those wounds which were inflicted on you for my sake?

O Mary, when shall I find myself at the feet of the Mother who has loved and aided me so tenderly?

My sweet Protectress, turn to me your eyes of mercy. Take me from this land of exile, and show me the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.

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