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Parish Life Commissions

50 and Over Club

A social group of members 50 years young and older. They meet the first Friday of the month from Sept. to May. We start with a potluck dinner, have a short meeting and then play a little bingo. We have a travel club. We go to casinos and some shows. We are not a money making organization but we do make money through the travel club. Through the years, we have donated to the church and the school. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we donate to the families in need. We always have a fun time. New members are always welcome to join.

Health Ministry

This ministry is a group of health professionals and others interested in the health promotion within the parish community. They are committed to serve the parish through education, health promotion and collaboration that incorporates the body – mind – spirit, whole person approach. They provide blood pressure screenings, blood sugar level testing once per month and CPR/ AED training for employees.

St. Patrick’s Guild

A woman’s group that meets one night a month from Sept. thru June. Our focus is service and fundraising for the parish and community. Monthly meetings allow for fellowship as well as discussion of current projects. The group hosts the Mom 2 Mom Sales in Cooperation with the Day Care; the Heart Beat Shower, Cinnamon Roll Sale and the Mother’s Day Right to Life Sucker Sale.

St. Joseph Commission

The purpose of the St. Joseph Commission is to actively develop, maintain and execute a master plan for all of Holy Rosary’s buildings and grounds. Membership is open to all parishioners that have an interest in assisting Holy Rosary achieve and maintain quality facilities that support the entire congregation. We meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm. for planning. Our work bee is held on the first Saturday of the month. We start at 7:00am and finish at 12:00 noon.

St. Joseph Auxiliary- St. Josephine’s

We support the St. Joseph Commission through cleaning, organizing & gardening projects.