Holy Rosary Aleteia November 21, 2021

The feast of Christ the King is a celebration where we recognize that Jesus is the true king over us all.

Yet, we remain far from the goal of everyone in the world calling Jesus Christ their king.

St. John Paul II quoted an ancient hymn at the end of his homily in 1998 for the feast of Christ the King, making it into a prayer that Jesus would reign over all humanity.

Jesus, remember me, remember us, remember the peoples to whom the Pastors gathered here daily give the living and true bread of your Gospel, across immense spaces, by sea and by land. As we pray that your kingdom come, we see that your promise is becoming a reality: after following you, we come to you in your kingdom, drawn by you when you were lifted up on the Cross (cf. Jn 12:32); to you, lifted up over history and its centre, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end (cf. Rv 22:13), the Lord of time and the ages!

We address you in the words of an ancient hymn:

It is through your sorrowful death, King of eternal glory,
that you obtained eternal life for the nations;
therefore the whole world calls you King of humanity.
Reign over us, Christ the Lord!”.


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