READ: A HEALTH UPDATE by FATHER MATHIAS THELEN: Many of you have asked for an update on the health of Father Mathias Thelen, Pastor of Saint Patrick in Brighton, who was hospitalized for a prolonged period of time earlier this year following a routine surgery that resulted in significant and painful complications. Well, here’s the update, penned by Father Mathias Thelen himself for the parishioners of Saint Patrick…and it’s good news! Deo gratias. Father Mathias writes:

Most people know that by my increased energy that I’ve been feeling much better, but I thought I’d write a little health update for the parish. Recently, I received some very good news from my team of doctors. After my CT scan a couple of weeks ago, my doctors said that the part of my kidney they were watching has healed to such an extent that they are not really concerned about it anymore. In fact, my urologist said that I’m “out of the woods” in terms of the risks to long-term health of my kidney. In other words, I’m expected to make a full recovery. In my tests, my blood counts were finally back to normal for the first time. Also, the cardiologist watching my blood clots said that I don’t need to take any blood thinners and that I am fine from here on out to travel long distances and go back to life as normal. After one more small procedure, it will only be a matter of time before I’m back to 100%.

Thank you so much for praying for me in the time of my sickness! It’s so humbling for me to hear how many people have been praying for me. Even complete strangers were praying for me because the updates were going all over the country. How blessed I am! If you know someone who was praying for me but is not a parishioner, please send them this little update and thank them for me. God is good!

– Father Mathias


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