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Holy Rosary Aleteia November 20, 2021

When visiting the tomb of St. André Bessette, John Paul II offered this short and beautiful prayer.

In 1984, St. John Paul II made an apostolic visit to Canada, where he made a short visit to the tomb of St. André Bessette in St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

There he remembered the inspiring example of St. André Bessette and his devotion to St. Joseph. Before leaving, he prayed the following prayer at his tomb.

Saint Joseph, with you, for you,
we bless the Lord.
He chose you among all men
to be the chaste spouse of Mary,
the one who would remain at the threshold of the mystery
of her divine maternity,
and who, after her, would accept it in faith
as the work of the Holy Spirit.

You gave to Jesus legal paternity in the line of David.
You constantly watched over
the Mother and the Child with an affectionate concern,
in order to protect their lives
and to allow them to accomplish their destiny. 

The Savior Jesus deigned to submit himself to you, as to a father,
throughout his childhood and adolescence
and to receive from you an apprenticeship in human life,
while you shared his life in the adoration of his mystery. 

You remain at his side.
Continue to protect the whole church,
the family born of the salvation of Jesus.
See the spiritual and material needs
of all those who beg your intercession,
particularly families and those who are poor, in every sense;
through you, they are certain to find Mary’s maternal face
and the hand of Jesus to assist them. 


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